About Doorwaze™

Doorwaze is a private social network that connects neighbors in a multi-unit building. We provide a safe and easy method to discover and interact with others who live where you do, without exchanging personal information.

Each user must be verified at the building address before getting access. No information is shared outside of the private building community.

Our goal is to socially engage people that live in close proximity but are otherwise isolated from one another. Doorwaze brings together renters, owners, and non-resident owners to make the building more of a community.

Doorwaze Architecture

Our system utilizes several services and technologies, including the following:

We chose the Lift web application framework to establish a high performance foundation for the Doorwaze system. Lift helps us implement complex features and functionality very quickly.
Lift is based on Scala. Scala combines features of object-oriented and functional programming to make our code extremely concise.
Our MongoDB database enables us to efficiently query and modify a wide variety of dynamic interrelated data collections. We chose MongoDB for its extraordinary flexibility, performance, and scalability.
jQuery simplifies and accelerates our script development with a powerful and reliable set of tools and libraries.
jetty is just a great full-featured web server and java servlet container.
Nginx is high performance and highly scalable SSL server and load balancer.
Amazon Web Services enable us to deploy in a cost-efficient manner and rapidly scale to meet user demand, while always providing a resilient and highly available service.
GeoNames GeoNames is an extensive free geographical name database.
Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
Glyphicons Halflings is a comprehensive set of icons, available for free to developers by an arrangement between Bootstrap and the Glyphicons creators.